Crochet for the Coast

Project Description

For my Gold Award project, I wanted to do something that would help both my community and the environment while incorperating something that I love to do. My Gold Award aims to address the issue of improper disposal of plastic bags and plastic bag pollution in my city and the ocean. I decided to design and crochet containters from plastic bag yarn or plarn, which can be easily made at home. I call them Beehive Bags becaue I think they look like beehives.

The Issue

Because of the pandemic, plastic bags are being used more than ever. The Beehive Bags that I make are intended to be used for storing more plastic bags that people inevitably collect over time, so that those plastic bags won't get disposed of improperly. People order groceries to their cars instead of using their reusable bags and order delivery food more often. These precautions have been reducing human contact and keeping people safe for over a year, but this also means that there are more plastic bags in circulation.

What's on This Website?

On this website is the free downloadable pattern for my plarn bag, as well as links to walkthrough videos detailing how to make plarn, how to crochet in general, and how to crochet the plarn bag. There is also information on plastic pollution, ways to correctly dispose of plastic bags, and ideas on how to use plastic bags in your everyday life.


One of the plarn bags created by me.